• Research and Consulting: We have an interdisciplinary team of over 160 research specialists who provide professional research and consulting services to our clients (i.e. public policy, development planning, public service, social development, policy evaluation, industry development, urban management, corporate management, branding, industrial park management, organizational development, corporate culture, human resources, risk management, financial management, and information management).


  • Opinion Polls: Our staff conducts nationwide surveys of the Chinese population with company built software, 30-seat Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) survey system, and online survey platform – Wenjuanba (问卷吧).


  • Third-Party Evaluation: We have a group of over 160 third-party inspectors. Tsingyan Research conducts inspection work as a third-party in areas such as city environment, urban management, urban green space, water system, construction sites, and other public facilities. We are one of the largest companies in this area.


  • Media & Communication: Our media team has expertise focused on communication strategy, public relations, new media management. We have a network of media professionals working in Chinese mainstream media outlets, online media, as well as we media.


  • Big Data Applications: We provide custom data mining services including big data monitoring, analysis, public opinion research and web video analysis based on big data methods. We have established long-term cooperation with organizations such as Tencent,, Ant Financial, Tsinghua University, National Tourism Administration, and State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company.


  • Information System Development: A development team of 80 technical experts integrates information technology into professional management services for clients in order to help streamline the workplace (i.e. industry-specific solutions, software development, system integration and services, technical support and training).


  • Education & Training: Given our broad array of expertise, we provide open courses, internal and consultative training as well as international exchange for professional learning and practical knowledge.